lebowski-podcast-thumbLast night I did a phone interview with the great Chalupa of Lebowski Podcast fame. We talked about the coming Lebowski bash, Tito’s Vodka, the amazing Bill Green and his wonderful Maude(one of which is hanging on my wall), the Kentucky Derby,  Vinyl Ranch and the fact that this party is totally FREE.

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Lebowski Bash Needs YOU

We like free just as much as you do but throwing a free does come with some costs and to help keep this party as free as possible we are looking to you to help out where you can.

Lebowski bash is looking for help with the following things;

  1. Volunteers: We will need volunteers to help with the setup and coordination of the party. We will also need volunteers to help with the serving of drinks. The good folks at Tito’s have happily agreed to help us out with supplying the vodka for the White Russians we will be serving and if you or anyone you know can help us with that let us know
  2. Sponsorship: This is a free party but we are always looking for sponsors to help carry load – and pass the savings on to you. If you or your company/organization can help out in anyway please let us know. As I mentioned there will be White Russians and so far we have ONE of the three ingredients so if you can help out with the other TWO(Kaluha and Cream) let us know
  3. Donations: We are always looking for various donations be they monetary or simply objects like garbage cans or Parquet flooring for a bowling lane. Whatever it is let us know and we can put it to use
  4. Spread the Word: We want to make this as successful as possible so let all of your friends know about our little shindig.

Whatever you can think of drop us a line here or at our other Non Lebowski site http://lowendtheory.net/contact/